Big taste experiences in little Trosa

A fantastic food experience is not something you forget in a hurry. It can even turn into a lasting memory. You are most welcome to create your food memories with us here in Trosa, the small municipality that offers the big taste experiences.

The Sörmland countryside is fantastic, with its castles and mansions, the sea and the forests. Modern town centres sit side-by-side with picturesque cobbled streets. Here you will find fertile agricultural land and cattle, an active economy, skilled artisan food producers and a large number of award-winning restaurants and popular local inns. The archipelago municipality of Trosa is no exception.

Today, a wide range of varying food experiences is on offer here, spread across the whole municipality. Everything from fast food to top-class cuisine. Trosa has been an important tourist location since the end of the 19th century. Having several places offering good food was a decisive factor in persuading people to return.

Vacker glasveranda på Bomans hotell
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa touristcenter

The White Guide likes Trosa

Which restaurant visits do you remember best? Of course, good food experiences are about so much more than just the food. The experience itself is just as important. What is the service like? The surroundings? The atmosphere? Not to mention the raw ingredients.

In our local restaurants in the Trosa countryside, the love of the authentic encounter, good food and the desire to provide guests with something special come together. The question is just a matter of what do you feel like? We can proudly state that we are the small municipality that offers the big taste experiences.

We have a number of award-winning restaurateurs in the municipality. Bomans Hotel, Fina Fisken and Trosa Stadshotell are mentioned in the White Guide, the leading guide to Sweden’s best restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels. Each year, the White Guide tries out almost 800 restaurants and cafés, which are presented in book format, online and in an app.

Trosaån med is, fin båt vid kajen
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa turistcenter

Many fine inns in Trosa

In addition to these distinctions, Trosa really offers the facilities of a large town. If you want a really good pizza, make your way down to Trosa’s harbour area. There,  restaurant Kölsvinet awaits you.

Feel free to pay a call to Bomans Hotel. It is an experience in itself, with a huge personality both in terms of its furnishings and flavours. Here, you can enjoy the ice cream parlour and harbourside inn during the summer, and the award-winning cuisine that offers that little bit extra all year round. The reknowned Fina Fisken serves a selection of fish and shellfish in tasteful surroundings. Both Tullhuset and Trosa Sjökrog offer a wide selection of food during the summer.

The traditional Trosa Stadshotell has been offering food to residents of Trosa and visitors alike since 1867. Today, they still serve well-composed menus, with the emphasis on locally produced raw ingredients. All with charm and a personal approach.

Bar full med flaskor/A bar full of bottles
Photo: Paola Noordh/Trosa touristcenter

Smørrebrød or sushi?

Trosa Matstudio serves good, familiar seasonal dishes in homely, charming surroundings. The walls tell the history of the place, which was formerly the town’s fire station.

Along Trosa stream you’ll find Två Små Svin B&B. In a personal and relaxed setting, you can enjoy smørrebrød, Czech beer and an exciting selection of schnapps and aquavits.

Trosa Sushi offers Asian flavours, while at Trosa Grill you will find barbecued food in all its forms. Of course, there are several comfortable local inns: Ankaret, Punschkällaren and Trosa Bar, for example. At the picturesque Sund Nergården, they offer a first-class, seasonally based menu. Often with raw ingredients from the local Sörmland farms.

You will never need to go hungry in Trosa. The selection of food experiences in the municipality rather exceeds the norm thanks to the farm shops and their organic vegetables, the cafés with their top-class pastries and a number of food trucks with varying international focus. The level of service, commitment and drive is high. We bid you a warm welcome to Trosa to create new food memories to share.

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