Markets in Trosa 2023

Trosa has a long history of organizing markets and also today well-attended and popular markets are organized in Trosa, Västerljung and Vagnhärad.

The first market of the year is Trosa Marknad, which is arranged annually by Lions Club Trosa and always on the 2nd Saturday in June. The market has given rise to the saying: “Summer only begins when it’s Trosa market”.

In late summer, Harvest and Handicraft Markets and also smaller markets are arranged around the square on Fridays in September, where there is an opportunity to buy something good to take home for the weekend.

In winter there is an opportunity to buy well-made handicrafts at Hembygdsgården Trostorp and at the Christmas market in central Trosa.

A warm welcome to all of Trosa’s atmospheric and cozy markets – as visitors or exhibitors!

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Lions Trosa Marknad (market) 8/6 2024

From a very modest start in 1959 as a flea market and later some self-made lottery booths, the market got its current form in 1981. Most of the exhibitors return year after year.

The market is visited annually by 10-12,000 people and many of the exhibitors have been in Trosa for 10 years or more and had the same location.

Autumn market in Västerljung ?/8 2024

Autumn and harvest market with Västerljung hembygdsförening, that takes place in and around Sockenstugan in Västerljung.

Benefit the local artisans and growers!

Trosa harvest- and craftsmarket 25/8 2024

Always on the last Sunday in August.

A very popular old fashioned market. The focus is on home-grown and self-made products.

The market takes place on the last Sunday in August at Trosa square and Hembygdsgården Garvaregården.

"Torgfredagar" Market Tursdays in September and October

Buy something good to take home for the weekend. During all Fridays in September and October, local producers sell delicacies and crafts at the square.

The offer may vary from week to week.


Advent at Trostorp 2-3 & 9-10/12 2023

An atmospheric market in the beautiful homestead Trostorp. Enjoy the warming fire and buy well-made and beautiful handicrafts.

The Advent celebration takes place on both Saturday and Sunday, the first and second Advent weekends. Swedish fika.

Hanverk upplagda på ett bord, en brasa

Trosa christmas market 3/12 2023

Welcome to a very popular and old fashioned market.

The market takes place on the first Sunday of advent at 11-15 at Trosa square and Hembygdsgården Garvaregården.

The focus is on home-grown and self-made products with everything from edible goods to arts and crafts such as ceramics, jewelry and blacksmithing.

Mycket människor på julmarknad

Christmas market at Bergs Gård 16/12 2023

Welcome to the Christmas market at cozy Bergs Gård (farm).

At the market there are all kinds of handicrafts. The cafe serves hot mulled wine and the farm’s sausages. The farm shop sells the farm’s own Christmas food.

Häst med loksele i på ett vintrigt Bergs gård utanför Trosa

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