Top 7 things to see and do in Trosa in the Autumn

Autumn in Sweden might seem dark and gloomy – here are our top 7 tips that can brighten up your stay in Trosa!

  1. Go for a self-guided walk in Trosa and read more about Trosas history in “The heritage trail“. Visit shops as you pass them by along the way.
  2. Enjoy delicious “fika” and food at our cafés and restaurants
  3. Book a do-it-yourself food experience – ”The Edible Country” at Bergs Farm.
  4. Ride mtb at Bergs Gårds MTB-arena
  5. Go biking with a bicycle guide – contact WeRide mtb
  6. Walk on Sörmlandsleden walking trail
  7. Treat yourself with a stay at Trosa Stadshotel or Bomans


Have a great stay in Trosa!

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