Flea market bargains in Trosa

Few experiences can beat the feeling of a real flea market bargain. Come with us on a flea market trip in the beautiful Trosa in Sörmland.
That tingling in the stomach – today is a day for a trip out. And not just any old trip. We are going doing the rounds of the flea markets in Trosa municipality. We always get such great bargains there. Going to a flea market is like going on an exciting treasure hunt. All of a sudden, you find something that sets the heart racing. That very item that you have been longing for. There is not much that can beat the feeling of a real flea market bargain!
A vase and a bowl
Photo: Kajsa Kromnér

A market for fleas

There have been flea markets in Paris since the 19th century. And ever since the 18th century in New York. The markets were thus called because many of the clothes and fabrics harboured fleas.

Now, the risk of fleas is not quite so impending; looking for something genuine and special at a flea market is actually a trendy thing to do.

There are several excellent flea markets in Trosa that can be full of bargains. We have packed our best walking shoes, as it will be a long day.

Butter bowl
Photo: Kajsa Kromnér

Loppisladan in Vagnhärad

We leave the E4 and stop first at Loppisladan in a barn in Vagnhärad. Next to some red barns there are vast quantities of items and furniture, as well as machines, bicycles and mopeds. A genuinely fun place to be, where you can search for yourself among the items, which are set out in a slightly higgledy-piggledy way.

We continue on Hungavägen, so stunning with its undulating meadows and woodland, before turning up towards Västerljung. Here, we noticed on social media that there was to be a flea market at Norrby Gård. Which, it turns out, was a real slice of luck. Here, all manner of items are set out beautifully and clearly. A small teak table and a smart shirt were easily hunted down. And driving on these small roads is always great fun, too. That in itself is an adventure.

Food and toys

Next we turn back towards Trosa. Our stomachs are rumbling and we are really hungry. In Trosa, we stop at a restaurant and munch on some great hamburgers. The sun warms us and we chat along with some people sitting at the next table.

The next stop is the Trosa Loppis, a large site with furniture, household utensils, sports items, books, leisure items, crockery, paintings and toys. We stay here for a long time and find it hard to grow tired of it. There is much to look at. There are stamps and emblems to check – after all, there may be an as yet unknown bargain in here somewhere. The Trosa Loppis accepts items from estates and things that people choose to hand in rather than throw away. They also support the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden), which obviously gives you a good feeling in your heart. From the Trosa Loppis, we take away paintings, toys and some fine crockery – at a bargain price, naturally.

A candlestick, a bowl, a vase and some other flea market bargains.
Photo: Kajsa Kromnér

Bargains for lovers of vintage items

Now it is time for a coffee and some vintage items. We park the car in central Trosa and have a coffee at Tre Små Rum. The next stop is at Albins & Vera. The fine selection is handpicked by the owner, and we have made many great purchases from here over the years. Yarn and crafts are also for sale, along with a small collection of newly produced brands with a fabulous vintage feel. Today, a few new William Morris mugs got to come home with us, along with some bargains from Rörstrand and Upsala Ekeby, a ceramic, glass and cutlery company that started up in 1886 and was merged with the Gefle Porcelain Factory in 1932. Finding a bargain from these factories is the ultimate dream of every lover of vintage items!

Finding porcelain by the ceramic artist Berit Ternell also makes us really happy. Berit Ternell worked at the Gefle Porcelain Factory from 1957 to 1971 as the only permanently employed designer, and has won several awards for her ceramic work.

Full of happiness and cheer, we pack ourselves into the car with the day’s purchases. Trosa municipality’s collection of flea markets has really delivered! Thank you for now – we’ll be back soon!

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